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The Buyer Persona Strategy Session
The Seller Persona Strategy Session

A buyer persona is a fictional person created to represent your ideal client. Your ideal client is someone that gets a problem solved or need met by the products/services you offer. Pretty broad, right? We will work together to niche this down to make sure not only are you right for your client but your client is right for you!

A seller persona is not so much a fictional character but an aspect of yourself, helping you to find your voice and confidence to positively impact and lead your ideal clients. We will work together to find the right perspective on your backstory inviting your clients to get to know you, like you and trust you over time. 

Value Chain
Strategy Session
Competitive Analysis
Strategy Session

A value chain, in short, is the process of mapping out your products or services in ascending order of value and cost. It is super important to make sure you can consistently offer value to your clients, regardless of what budget they may be on at the time. This will help to nourish the relationship and continue to build trust.

Unless you are some sort of mad scientist or inventor, the likelihood is, there are some or a lot of businesses out there similar to yours in one way or another. It will exhausting not to mention incredibly time consuming to reinvent the wheel. With a competitive analysis, we can learn from those who have gone before us.

Complete Package
Strategy Sessions

Everyone is in a different place in their new business journey. I wanted to make sure to have something for everyone so if you need all four strategy sessions, you can book the complete package at a discounted rate.